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And yet when those people attempting to act as Mckenzie Friends for 'FREE', who are only trying to do gods work, which is to 'love thy neighbour as thy would love thy self', try to assist these people with navigating their way through the complexities of the immigration process. They are 'demonised', 'arrested and left languishing in a police cell for nights/days', 'threatened with court action', 'place on a tag' like a common criminal even though they have not even faced 'trial' yet, are actually 'prosecuted' and even worse still, they are 'imprisoned'.

And so no Legal Aid available and no free help ALLOWED from whomever and whatever source and or avenue that the PERSON in dire straights deems is the person they wish to accept and utilise help from, despite this being their lawful never mind legal right to decide and or use.

This country called England caught up inside the corporation called the UK should be thoroughly assumed of its self for acting with such Treason, where the Magna Carta (but not limited to) makes it quite clear that the people of ENGLAND have a 'Birthright' to partake in such activities if they so choose without fear of harm, imprisonment or sanction.

Especially given that many of these people are only here having been forced to flee their own countries due to the meddling of this country (the UK conglobulate), america and all other arms of the EU and NATO through their manufactured wars and deliberate destabilising programmes.

But never mind people, there is some good news. Because history dictates and records have proven, that ALL Treasonous, Tyrannical and Barbaric States will and shall ALWAYS fall!!

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