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Martin Maloney @21:36 I could not resist the urge to respond to your comment. I am anon at 10:57 by informed choice and free will.
It is clear you assume alot.
1.You assume Mike Buck is the commentors real name.
2.You assume I have a "middle class morality" (whatever that is remains unclear).
I suggest you go educate yourself in the realities of immigration law before making further assumptions as you seem to be in the habit of making unfounded assumptions. Further and as far as I am aware everyone who subscribe and chose to make comments on the Gazzette platform has a clear choice whether to remain anon or not. Its seemingly clear you would like that choice removed as well. If you are so anti-rights you have the right to remove yourself from this platform anytime you chose.
Finally Martin Malony with a positon like that and your clear habit of persistent assumptions I also pray you are not a lawyer representing anyone. It seems you also support someone having no rights at all. Outright abominable.

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