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anyone subject to a sro has by its effect been deemed a risk.the orders are controversial as no crime has been committed yet a court order has been issued. this aside enough concern has been raised to issue the order so the police have a swift way to deal with someone the courts deem a risk. the truth is they use the order when they assume theres an issue yet dont have enough evidence for cps to go forward. so really the orders should be included as in reality they can be a precursor to further crimes.
as some one subject to a sro i was amused by the idea of having been deemed a risk to the public i can still stand and become a Councillor. i will add that the order was issued on me not for any child offences but a reason on the fringe of the power of the order. one problem i see is would an order be made public for a Councillor as if not then u never know what he/she has the order for. you could end up with a Councillor with an sro for worrying child sex issues. not all sro are made public. mine wasnt.

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