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" . . . . litigants in person do not necessarily clog up the courts."

I have to tell his Lordship that every single case in which I have had an unrepresented oponant, has taken much longer than would have been the case had that party been represented. In the two most recent Trials involving unrepresented opponants for example, the first was extended by four days, and the second by five days. The two Judges in question demonstrated the patience of Job, although were patently vexed by the position.

In all such cases the amount of work exponentially increases, precisely because the opponant is unrepresented, and we are expected to take that into account and deal with them accordingly, explaining the procedure as matters progress, and woe betide us if we do anything that might be seen as taking any advantage.

Perhaps we might have a look at the acnecdotal evidence . . . . . no; I thought not !

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