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@Steve Wedd; Commented on: 5 December 2017 15:24 GMT
Inner London Crown Court

".....11) The desk television repeaters in court 4 do nothing except take up space – they can't be connected to the main display – pointless innovation.

12) The clock outside court 3 is stopped, dead. Its right twice a day. ..."

I must confess I am a bit autistic as well and was going to add a few points myself:

40. The carpet doesn't meet the wall outside Court 5.

41. There are hairline cracks on the ceiling of the broom cupboard in Court 9.

42. The ushers gown is always un-ironed in Court 10.

43. The second spring from the left hand side on the fourth chair in on the advocates bench in Court 11 has broken .......

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