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They will review and most likely put the limit up higher. 10k limit for RTA whiplash anyone? I do hope I am proved wrong. Thing is the review will happen but there is nothing stopping the government from ignoring it and doing what they want as they have done thus far.

As for the "tariff system for whiplash". Stupid idea. The JCG gives an idea of the level of damages. I have been involved in 2 accidents. One in a car where I suffered whiplash and the second getting knocked off my motorbike and suffered whiplash. Two very different injuries to different parts of my neck. The motorbike injury that happened at about 4-5mph was was more painful and the car accident was at a much much higher speed with no warning. How can these injuries fit into a tariff system? They can't and shouldn't.

Anon 7 December 2017 08:03 GMT. Why troll? If you have the intelligence to put forward a reasonable argument lets see it. All you are doing is immature, keyboard warrior posts.

I'm not pro claimant or defendant as I have worked on both sides of the fence. I care more about the individual getting the right level of damages and not a one size fits all approach.

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