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Instead of wasting time trolling Slater and Gordon using Latin quips, like ‘The Lawyers Of Christmas Past’, and making acerbic put-downs about the people who work there - your fellow legal professionals - why not take a second to stop gloating about the past misfortune of competitors and concentrate on your clients?

Think about what they want now, and in the future. They’re savvier, and deserve more, than some of you give them credit for. They want clarity on fees and costs, to access online legal services where appropriate, and receive an excellent, value for money service.

There’s so much snobbery and vitriol on here at times, that it’s frankly quite depressing. Cheer up. Be nicer.

I hope they do well following this recap and thrive in the future. See? Being pleasant isn’t hard.

Merry Christmas, people of Slater and Gordon. And to each and every one of us.

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