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Hah, the information on most CNF's can't be trusted - the statement of truth on that document clearly means nothing to those submitting the claims.

I have numerous CNFs with incorrect incident locations, times, descriptions, injures that are not in the later medical report, boxes checked re: hire and repairs that are completely wrong.

Thing is when you raise all this with your opponent the response from the claims handler on the other side is usually, well, that's what our Client has told us.

I've even had one firm go quiet after a matter exited the portal and liability was denied. When I chased to see if they were preparing a response I was told 'Oh we closed our file last month, our Client wasn't injured'...

And anon at 12:48 - I also deal with a lot of Defendant non-pi credit hire - wholeheartedly agree with you and anon at 12:37.

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