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You can have all the AI you like, but will lenders cooperate with the idea of losing control of cash transfers, money laundering, title and other collateral issues to "Blockchain conveyancing" and/or chatbot machines?

Knowing the anger felt by the public in respect of the digitisation of their banking services, which many never asked for, I do think that the benefits of AI are often overblown.

What I do think is vital, is that the profession comes together, to make sure that conveyancing does not evolve in a way which damages the U.K home buying system, by masking a general "dumbing down" of conveyancing often in the dubious guise of "innovation"

For instance, how does a machine help a young couple understand a 40 page lease of a new flat?

Perhaps it should also be borne in mind that the Consumer Credit legislation introduced compulsory "cooling off periods" thus ensuring that members of the public are protected from "instant" bad decisions, made at speed or under duress.

There is also so much hype over "quicker, simpler and cheaper" conveyancing,but governments continue to pass legislation affecting the ownership of property slowing conveyancing down.

So as somebody who works for a digital law practice, I am not impressed by this type of crystal ball gazing into our digital future.

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