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I do not think it is a case of police officers not seeing relevant text messages, or of police officers not understanding those messages. Isn't this about relevant evidence being suppressed in order to try and get a conviction? Isn't it an absolute travesty? isn't it serious professional misconduct? Doesn't the young man deserve to awarded a substantial amount of compensation? Doesn't a 'victim' who is, in fact, not a victim at all and who was not raped, deserve to be named and shamed? Is it not preposterous to think that she did not know that a grave injustice was going to be done? Great credit must go to counsel in the case for uncovering this.

It is a disgrace because it has all of the hallmarks of a deliberate act to press for an unjustified conviction.

No doubt the usual platitudinous lessons will be learned but heads should roll.

This could have been anybody's son and parents should children at college and university of the harsh lesson to be learned here.

How many similar cases are there in this age of texts and social media in which the police choose what to hand over?

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