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Despite my son doing a law degree I advised him away from our profession. Now he has a fabulous and interesting life better than any lawyer!! I never wanted my son to go through what we did or the stupid Macho culture of working all nights sometime consecutively - how stupid to think lawyers could perform capably on important detail without sleep, break and eating or normal rest. this is not intelligent it is dumb and a failure to project manage and meet client expectation - or being too afraid to do so. The health dangers are obvious.. I have worked with industry at board level and they repeatedly joke about how stupid lawyers are with the way we work- but of course if we are so stupid they will of course take advantage -One comment is so correct - at least manual labour is protected here H&S or unions - our profession is the worst and our ‘union’ law society does not serve us- lawyers not even paid reasonably well anymore in many cases- They do nothing! we lose so many great lawyers due to stupidity which in my view is a male created work culture sadly as well as the partnership structure. (Sorry but women just are not responsible for this although some may now be like that due to going through their own hardship in climbing the ladder- I appreciate this - they are usually fairly nuts by then also highly stressed and probably if were married are now divorced 🤪) so times up ! Change this nonsense - but Everyone must do so- the weak insecure lawyers that refuse to manage their clients and secretly rely on the shots of brandy or hitting the vino in readiness for an early heart attack must stop this as otherwise clients will take advantage and apply the same rule to all. Time for our profession to wake up! We must bring in rules as sadly things will otherwise not change -This is Not acceptable. Thank goodness my time has been managed by me for some years and all my life despite the complexities of my projects I have never had to work all night - flexibly yes due to client needs or time zones yes/ but I have always been able to manage my client expectation on a reasonable basis for me and despite being a desperately hard worker it’s just at a myth that it is necessary to work under the pressure people are put through at times in our profession - it’s stressful enough just to do a great job in the normal way - the legal matcho work culture is just stupid and who wants a stupid lawyer ? Not my clients! My clients have followed me wherever I go ... there’s a reason for that. Thank goodness the up and coming generation has a more holistic view in life - it will have to change to attract the best talent - as otherwise they will work for google, amazon and others who are way ahead in grasping the benefits of taking care of their workers.

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