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I had a legal matter a few months ago and I had a fantastic solicitor who was working on my initial enquiry for the 5 hours of work she put in. The bill came to a bit more than I was expecting with VAT added and it came as quite a shock. I didn't worry at first. She had told me that the firm had a lenient attitude to lower paid private clients (I work freelance) and that they had a flexible payment plan to help me out - so I could pay in installments. But when it came right down to it, getting the firm administrator to honour that commitment was like getting blood from a stone. I got threatened with legal action if I didn't settle an unaffordable bill right away. I feel felt really about this, even though something was worked out in the end - but only by my persistence - not their commitment to promises that were never forthcoming in reality. Now I'm not at all sure if I can go back to this firm when I have more evidence to present them, rendering what money I have already spent a complete waste if that same work needs doing all over again

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