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Anonymous 4 January 10:12

"One thing that has stood out for me by talking to trainees and fellow NQ's is that this is not the profession we were under the impression we were entering into. I thought it would command respect from people, and pay reasonably well.

On the first point, I have had clients complain at not getting back to them over night, clients phoning at 17.25 in the evening and then again at 9.05 the next morning expecting things to have progressed; clients second judging my views and my advice. I even have clients complain when I have the audacity to go on holiday and even worse, not be contactable or give them my personal mobile number. I am a Solicitor, not a Servant. "

Absolutely right. Well said.

I will be 8 years in this summer. It has even changed in that period. More people have smartphones. I call them the smartphone generation. They will be the death of us.

After some years of mental health issues, it took a therapist to point out that there's nothing wrong with me. Society has evolved too quickly for our bodies to cope with in general, and offering legal services is a prime example. It is therefore the employers who need to help the employees, not beat them with a stick.

I have never felt like a 'solicitor' since I qualified, indeed I sometimes think any other sector would give me a better balance, more respect, more money and less micromanagement.

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