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A few thoughts –

It’s interesting that (while some unfavourable posts from former employees have been deleted, and some have been allowed to remain) not one member of staff, nor indeed one partner in MW, has piped up in favour of the firm, and neither has the firm made a statement or issued an apology

It’s also a bit odd that Mr Smith was removed (presumably) as CEO, but simultaneously made Senior Partner – generally accepted to be a position of trust and responsibility, with a strong pastoral angle, and with alignment with the firm’s values being a pretty key requirement

To roll out new offices at this rate is only sustainable with excellent client service and loyalty. Seems though that they’re pursuing the ‘hit them once but hit them hard’ approach - - it just doesn’t work that way, and never will

Finally, I think it’s a real shame that a profession which for so long regulated itself successfully, such that this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened, is now subject to intense regulation but which does nothing to stop it happening. All seems a bit topsy turvy to me!

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