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Anon at 10:33


I am not fan of insurance companies but, like many people, utilise their services for my car, my pet and my possessions. Without advertising, finding the best possible deal would be extremely difficult. On a more general level, they are commercial enterprises and it would be nonsensical for them not to advertise their products.

I also agree that CMCs’ television and radio adverts are, at best, cringeworthy and reinforce the public perception of a compensation culture despite the fact that claim volumes have been in decline for years. In addition, CMCs continually harass people (myself included) with nuisance telephone calls, texts and emails; this is unacceptable.

If somebody wants to bring a personal injury claim, they can quite easily secure representation through any BTE product they own or any Union membership they hold. Alternatively, they can pick up the Yellow Pages and call a local firm. The CMCs add NO value to claims yet expect payment for their involvement. They should be banned.

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