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Why doesn't the MOJ invite RFPs or fully costed business proposals from anyone including solicitors and barristers on how to structure these reforms ? Lord Keen's ideas are at the moment, just that - ideas and nothing more. He has suggested various things including the involvement of Claims Management Companies, without even knowing how much they would charge or whether LIPs would pay them. With a fully costed framework, a finalised strategy could be set in motion. Who is the most competitive and offers the best services ? This is currently unknown. Instead, these proposals are yet another own goal for the MOJ. There are solutions for making everyone happy (except maybe CMCs - they should be abolished) but the MOJ seems incapable of initiating any reforms or examining the options. This would not be a Consultation. There is no need for a Jackson-style enquiry (which would cost too much anyway.) The MOJ needs to test the market, not just throw ideas into the air.

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