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@Anonymous; Commented on: 24 January 2018 12:45 GMT

"...Go for it CLC! Why not! The Law Society has basically eviscerated the conveyancing profession over the last 35 years, and has treated us as cash cows to pay for their offices and salaries.

It started back in the late 70's when they banned scale fees. From the nonsense of the CQS, then the latest Veyo debacle and then Socrates litigation, to the fact that they charge us to use our own conditions of sale having given or sold the copyright to form publishers. Everyone else who arranges mortgage finance keeps the commission, but no, we have to offer it to the client.

No information or guides are available to the consumer, unlike the excellent products of the RICS. They do nothing for us.

Everything from them comes at a price, even to join their 'interest groups'. I remember a leaflet they produced for us to give to clients that said on the front page 'make sure you are not paying too much for your conveyancing and shop around' - yes, honestly, from our so-called representative body!

So yes, lets have an alternative! ..."

Not just that above, but taking PII out of the profession was simply madness and an own goal to become as the profession could be construed, a department of the insurance industry.

And as an Estate Agent said to a friend of mine the other day in their Lodge, they could not understand why the SIF didn't fight many of the easy try-ons from the Banks and Building Societies after the property crash of the later 1980's. They just went belly up with Vaseline (and massive deficit accrued as we know) ...


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