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Just to clarify, I think the general theme of this article is tosh (and that's the politest I can put it) but as at least one person disapproves of my earlier comment and/or queries my experience of deficient conveyancing may I expand? It is obviously potentially advantageous for a conveyancing client to instruct a general practice but that advantage is illusory unless ( when applicable ) he or she benefits from the collective expertise. When dealing with family matters I had countless matters where cohabitees had routinely had their properties vested as a joint tenancy despite vastly disparate contributions and where no suitable alternative had been suggested. When later dealing with wills and probate etc. I encountered problems when sales and purchases had been completed without reference to existing wills and the potential need to revise same. I do not doubt that some clients had selective memories but by no means all as I saw much of the relevant correspondence!

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