Licensed conveyancers have been told not to fear publishing reviews on their websites as it will drive out property law 'dabblers'.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority, Council for Licensed Conveyancers and CILEx Regulation are working together to agree a standard format for delivering price estimates for conveyancing and probate work. This follows Competition and Markets Authority recommendations to 'empower' clients with the information they need to choose the right lawyer for them.

Beth Rudolf, director of delivery at the Conveyancing Association, told a Council for Licensed Conveyancers' conference, entitled 'Thriving in a digital future', this week that reviews will 'help drive people out of the industry that do not do conveyancing as a specialism'.

Rudolf was discussing transparency of price and service information alongside CLC chief executive Sheila Kumar, Mike Ockenden, head of secretariat at the Society of Licensed Conveyancers, and Paul Kellaway, assistant director at the Competition and Markets Authority.

Rudolf suggested potential clients are more likely to choose conveyancers with 400 four-star reviews than one firm with one five-star review.

Kumar told the conference that people who concentrate on conveyancing and probate have 'much less to fear'. She added: 'It's all you do so you know what you do. We all have expectations now of being able to see reviews. If you cannot see one, you draw your own inferences from the fact there are none there.'

Ockenden stressed that licensed conveyancers are 'specialist property lawyers - dabblers by and large are not'. He added: 'We have a really important message we can get out. We are specialist property lawyers. Licensed conveyancers have come a long way in the last 25 years - from being the poor relation to the solicitor community to being recognised. We are going to see an awful lot of serious solicitor conveyancers coming to the CLC. We're licensed conveyancers, we're specialist property lawyers, we know what we're doing.'