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The spin now being applied to this by our learned friend Mr Dunne, is that this is all about higher value cases where claimants have been charged 25% of a big number and in excess of 100% of base costs (which is bad and wrong as we all agree). If this is what they were doing then fair enough.

Do not be fooled.

This is not the business model. Just check JG's site. All the 'success stories' are claims that appear to be worth under £5000 and they state openly that they get their client's an average of £1000. JG would not be in business long getting 25% of a grand damages per case.

The game here is getting costs orders on assessments. See below the comments of Master James in the Hanley case.

'I note that JG Solicitors Ltd had put forward a Statement of Costs in the sum of £3,337.16 for this Application, which is considerably more than the Defendant firm billed for the RTA upon which the Claimant originally instructed them to act for him'

Oh the irony.

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