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Anon @ 7.42. I’m guessing that you are part of a high street firm and PI forms very little of your case load. You are essentially acting ‘at cost’ for existing clients and that’s a great service and I’m sure something that people locally appreciate.

It is worth remembering that not all claims are low value dead cert RTAs and many of us here are not factory firms. Rather dealing with the more tricky cases many of which don’t end up winning. The success fee is there to compensate us for that and allow us to offer services for sub optimal cases. We essentially do mountains of work pro bono which is often forgetten which is why the underlying allegation of us being ambulance chasing fat cat lawyers kind of stinks. That ship has long since sailed.

I wonder if we will ever receive a letter from check my fees for a case we spent hours on only to find the client was mistaken about the circumstances and we had to cancel.

These days anything seems possible.

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