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Anon @ 09:53

You are confusing base costs with costs actually recovered.

The reality.

PI lawyers undertake a low value child PI case that takes (with the help of junior fee earners and technology admitted) 9 months to conclude. You up front all the costs and run the risk of not getting paid at all. You issue Part 8 prepare a bundle and forms and attend at Court. You spend hours on the phone to the parent who wants the money paid out to them for a holiday. At the end of that you get £500 FC plus, if A & M is followed, a further £118. Is £618 an incredulous figure ? Really ?

The DJ will have been paid £520 for one days work.

All that will happen here is that no one will act for minors (or anyone else for that matter) in low value difficult claims and then CMCs will step in and take 35%, as they can, without fear of the costs courts.

If you give this a thumbs down you must have never run a PI case post Jackson.

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