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Thanks Mr Moss for sidestepping the issues raised, and instead attacking the unchallenged judgement of Regional Costs Judge Lumb ; methinks it is not he sat in an ivory tower.

A grade D had conduct - they always do. Yes perhaps having someone qualified at least look at it is preferable(but that of course is unrecoverable supervision and built into the rate), yet you harangue the Judge, not the Solicitors firm concerned. Unqualified personnel is the sad fact of the majority of such firms.

The success fee was not fixed, and so his reference to the previous fixed rate is by reference only. Based on the facts of these cases, he found the risk much less (as the Courts had done before the rate was fixed). Reciting "all the risk factors" does not make them existent or likely in these (or the majority of) cases

CPR 54.7 is about Judicial Review.....

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