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We are just about to train our existing first aiders in mental health issues. We have 6 offices and 150 staff. Why do we think it is any different to physical medical first aid measures that we all have in place by law? We are far more likely to have someone in our office suffering from a mental health issue than someone burning themselves or falling down the stairs but we spend endless hours preparing for such eventualities. No-one is suggesting (as far as I can see) that first aiders should start be trained to really treat someone with a mental health issue just as our first aiders don't seek to treat someone who trips, falls and breaks an ankle. It's about ensuring someone is there who can spot the signs, offer advice and support and point the person in the right direction. It doesn't cost a great deal at all. The people concerned, and our businesses, will all benefit from this surely? I recently attended a St John's Ambulance Mental Health One Day course and it was an eye opener, in a good way. Some minor changes and I think we are better prepared to help people as a result. We are need to be alert and prepared on this as a profession and if we want to run decent businesses.

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