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Henry was a superb, kind, articulate man with a brilliant mind.

I was lucky enough to have mediated half a dozen matters with Henry as the mediator, and got to know him really quite well over a few years.

One lunchtime, I offered to buy sandwiches for Henry who wouldn't have it - he went and bought sandwiches for everyone.

At a Lincoln's Inn dinner, I found myself elevated to sit with the Benchers at the top table - Henry had seen my name on the list and insisted I sat next to him, he introduced me to his peers as 'his very good friend and colleague' and was really wonderful company. I had only met Henry on those half dozen occasions and at a couple of conferences / seminars, and was amazed at how personable and warm he was and how many people he knew, and remembered everyone's names too.

His Judgments were no nonsense, reasoned, sensible and straight to the core on issues, and his old school style impeccable - whilst jumping straight into Twitter and blogging.

Henry was also an avid campaigner to ensure that the right thing was done on judicial matters, and his work on various committees in his retirement shows that.

It was a pleasure to have met such a lovely, brilliant man. A huge loss to the community. My thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

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