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Yes. as Mr Shaw says, lets force people to name themselves before commenting.

My name is Jeremy Corbyn and I have a solution. The state will compensate those who lose out as a consequence of fraudulent activity. How are we going to pay for it? Easy, we are going to tax the rich, i.e those who dare to buy a house worth more than £200,000. I am totally fed up of people saying where is no magic money tree - the solution is easy - tax those who clearly are very fortunate to be able to buy such luxurious dwellings. By the way, did anybody see News at Ten last night - it was quite shocking that ITV dare say that the NHS has as much money as the German health care system and that the problem was not really one of cash but won of using such cash sensibly - ITV are normally so good at supporting my cause but to suggest that those pesky private sector persons should get involved in the NHS is just silly - more money that is what is needed and that is the solution. I am actually going to tax anyhome under £150K.

Bit silly really isn't is suggesting that everyone must name themselves. Of course JC did not write this because he would not say anything so silly, would he?

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