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If you say anything you'll be branded a racist, but here goes. ..
Muslim men keep more than one wife because they can & their women are compliant sheep. I have no doubt there will be cries of islamaphobia coming from all sections of the Muslim community, just like over children at school wearing a headscarf. It seems no one wants to live in one country under one law but whatever suits us according to our own faiths, or religion in this matter. Islam has not modernised in any way and I fail to see why a woman born and brought up in this western country would want to be someone's second or third wife with no guaranteed rights. Under shariah law women get a pittance if that under inheritance laws. Even India has banned the triple talak whereby a husband can divorce a shariah wife just by saying to her 'divorce' three times. There can only be one law in this country, don't let it be lslamic law.

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