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Rights of audience discussions are a bit niche, and in this context irrelevant. If a Defendant to one of these claims thinks Mr Carlisle does not have rights of audience (which given the terms of paragraph 1(7)(b) of Schedule 3 Legal Services Act 2007, he probably *doesn't* have the rights of audience he believes he has) then let them take it up with the court.

Likewise I can't help but p*ss myself laughing at all the comments on here by factory PI claimant lawyers, who pay thousands in "marketing fees" to scummy CMCs who hound and harass people with cold-calls, and who encourage people to lie and exaggerate to get "the cheque of £2,713.57 which is waiting for you if you make a claim". They're the first ones whenever there is an article on the gazette about the Government clamping down on false claims to trot out their diatribes about how its all a big conspiracy and the ABI and their Tory mates want to stop "access to justice", and how the poor "injured" will be denied their human rights, etc.

Now the boot is on the other foot, suddenly the "get the compensation and justice you deserve, text now" crowd are crying foul. Perhaps Mr Carlisle should complain that PI claimant paralegals and lawyers are in the pockets of the Tory Government trying to deny poor ripped-off people justice, who only want to recover the deduction from the compensation that *they* deserve.

BUT saying that, I think all CMCs should be banned and all cold-calling banned. Whether for or or

Speaking directly to Mr Carlisle, I do handle solicitor and own client assessments for overcharged clients. However these are people genuinely aggrieved (and in some cases overcharged by tens of thousands). Not manufactured factory claims.

And you didn't answer my point about the CPR - if the client approves the amount or rate, its presumed reasonably incurred. How do you cross that hurdle?

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