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Am I missing something, Anon 23:24? Did the client not think there was a deduction from his/her damages of 25% when he/she signed the contract?

Does this only apply to PI, or in your view is all solicitor work caught? Can my conveyancing client decide that their quote, based as it is on the value of the house sold (and therefore expressible if anyone so wished as a percentage of value realised) decide she has been overcharged? If so, on what basis?

What about a guy who comes in for advice on a small claim. Is a solicitor obligated to charge only the £80 fixed costs on issue of claim? If so why? If not, what is the difference?

What about a fast track non-PI commercial claim for £18,000, where it is customary to advise the client that they will not recover all their outlay in costs as part of any interest parties costs order and that there will be an element of solicitor and own client costs?

If I can run a fast track debt matter and make a deduction from damages for any costs not recovered inter parties, what is the difference with a fast track rta?

BTW which law says a solicitor has to charge an hourly rate anyway? That is the default position, but I can't see any rule mandating it. If so, why the fixation on whether hourly rates correspond with eight year old *guideline* figures as to costs specifically (and solely) published to assist with summary assessment?

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