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but Anonymous who was responding to me but wrote Dominic Moss, I think it is you missing the point.

The CMC / Costs Firm / Solicitor in question doesn't advertise:-

Would you like us to advise you on whether your fees are fair and reasonable in all the circumstances taking into account whether you expressly agreed them or understood the amount, and how the deduction was calculated? If so, you have a claim.

In fact, the basis of these claims is very much:-

Your solicitor should not have deducted anything from your compensation that you deserve. Click here and we'll claim it back on a No-win No-fee basis!

And the basis of the latter, is the idea - which a lot of the comments below imply acceptance of - that a solicitor running a PI claim should only be charging what they get in stage costs (or if not, must only charge based upon some guideline figures which haven't been updated for eight years). As I said earlier, if that is right, why does it only apply to PI? Why not debt claims? Or international shipping disputes? Or divorces? Or employment law?

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