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So, we finally find out what the plan is in September.

I understand that the Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers (SCIL) have been actively involved with HMG and interested parties in working towards a mutually agreeable solution with regards the application for fixed costs in clin neg claims. This, in my view, HAS to be the better way of dealing with matters - engage and be part of the solution, not the way APIL/MASS/et al did and simply say "no", and have a regime imposed upon you.

However, the revelation that HMG is actively looking at changing centuries of decided case law and statute restricting the level of damages injured claimants' receive is truly horrifying. Why should a victim of clinical negligence have their right to recover loss of earnings or care curtailed when an RTA or EL claimant would have no such restriction?

Don't forget - if a clin neg claimant cannot work for the rest of his life but only recovers, say, a cap claim of £x pounds (under the suggested proposals), that claimant will be dependant upon the taxpayer for the rest of his/her life by claiming benefits.

Madness. Utter madness.

Roll on September so we can see how this all pans out, because I for one am sick and tired of the constant barrage of the same old diatribe from insurers, politicians and the press.

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