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Mark, the right is reserved within our retainer to bill for the entirety of the work done at any time. We exercise our discretion to accept the fixed costs plus success fee but this does not preclude us from billing for the full amount.

Never used this provision yet as it is there for fundamental dishonesty purposes, but it'll do. If I need to I'll consider Polak at the appropriate time, but as I'm one of the nice ones that deals with costs responsibly, I don't think I'll need to.

Marshall - quite, but I do low value work despite umpteen years in the profession, so I am dragged into this too. Despite trying to do the whole thing right, all I get is told that I am the problem and that whatever I do I'm screwing over the public, or my clients, or I'm causing NHS doctors to kill people, and you know what, I get fed up with it. So now I am part of the foetid stinking swamp and I'm getting what I deserve. Thanks for that.

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