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Anonymous @ 11:23 (and assuming you are the same insurance claims handler that appears throughout these comments)

I don't see how you think that working in an insurance company for 2 years affords you an enlightened position where you can see 'both sides of the coin' and your comment to that effect leads me to believe that you are simply 'trolling' this comments board.

Like many people I have done both Defendant, including in-house at an insurer, and Claimant work (all for much longer than 2 years). I have also taken on cases where the claimant was previously dealing with the defendant insurer direct.

While I'm prepared to entertain your suggestion that you, and perhaps your colleagues, are entirely fair with direct claimants, that is not the case across the board.

Insurers want certainty and to settle as quickly and cheaply as possible. There is also a power and knowledge disparity if the claimant comes to you direct... If you say X is the case, many won't know any different (and for the sake of clarity that is not a slight on claimants' intelligence, simply a reflection that someone, such as yourself, who has worked in an industry for say 2 years knows more than someone who has not).

While that is undoubtedly more of an issue in larger/more complex cases, it's still present in the small ones.

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