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Anon 09.41

Obviously an employee of an insurer like Haven, but do you actually know what I know and do not know as a claimant?

As a claims manager do you not just sit in your offices and see how much you can save your employer and then try going for the 'manager of the year' prize?

Certainly if I am thinking as a claimant, I will find it difficult to know which laws protect me and my claim.

The CPR is but just one set of instructions, you then have contract law, criminal law, civil law (as a whole), Insurance law "......blah blah blah........................

Are you getting my point while you sit on your laurel and decide the future of the potential claimant who could have cost your employer tens of thousands to make him comfortable while he try's picking up his new born baby, but is "HAPPY" to walk with £2000?

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