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During the course of my working life I have received a number of emails with 'unprofessional' content from various clients and business contacts. Some of those emails included language that may be described as denigrating racial or sexual minorities. I deleted them on receipt but on occasions called out the more problematic examples. I can understand if the language is personally directed at the recipient (which in my case it was not) but otherwise isn't there a case for simply pointing out to the sender the error of their ways, rather than building a dossier of misdeeds against them as in this case? I'm not sure that we best deal with problematic behaviour by creating victimhood amongst those who engage in it, but by offering gentle but assertive guidance to our peers that challenges their preconceptions and prejudices but leaves them space to reach their own conclusion. I wonder if there was some ulterior motive in this case that prevented the recipient dealing with the sender in the way that I expect many would have done?

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