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For a while I have been awaiting substantive news on the changes and have been left thinking it has been a "phoney war". Nothing the MOJ have said makes much difference since the Bill has not even been published let alone debated on in the Commons and Lords. If however the changes do finally materialise in the form suggested I think the damage to the profession has been underestimated and will be immense. You cannot simply realign into other areas of law or overnight become a serious injury specialist. Anyone who has practised PI law knows that in order to do the bigger claims you need a flow of lower value cases. These lower value claims are the ones that morph into larger cases once medical evidence is obtained and the lower value claims are the ones that give firms cash flow which you need in order to service the higher value ones. The choices for firms will be stark and I for one am unable to see past a managed run off of work with mass redundancies and firm closures. If the SRA think that firms will do this in an orderly fashion then then are wrong. Some undoubtedly will (and so they should) but others will just hand the keys in and let the SRA sort out the mess.

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