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The problem here I hate to say is that if your white and British, and believe that you are living in a Christian Country, then you are just as much a target, but I suspect an analysis of the hate crimes reported will show a marked reluctance on the part of the Police and CPS to pursue any complaints of racially aggravated offences made white British complainants, other than public figures.

Don't get me wrong, I abhor racial, sexual, religious, or disability bigotry, discrimination, and hate crime in any form, but let's at least have an equal playing field.

The latest affront to the idea of this being a Christian Country is there being no reference to Easter on the current ranks of Easter Eggs on supermarket shelves and elsewhere. Despite even the PM making her views on the issue clear as long ago as April 2017, the manufacturers have persisted, presumably feeling that they are otherwise at risk of accusations of religious discrimination, and a target, if any reference to Easter was not removed. Bravo my children who, completely unprompted, decided they don't want any this year, because they're not Easter Eggs.

Is this just a slippery slope, and is it quite so ridiculous to ask how long I wonder will it be before the open use of words such as Christmas and Easter becomes offensive.

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