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Anon 10:19 here, I have to admit to being surprised at the reaction to my earlier comment.

I'm not commending the actions taken, far from it - I agree that the filing of the trademarks is petty and really should be challenged.

What I'm saying is that BM haven't simply done this off their own back - they will have advised their clients properly of all options available to them based upon what their client wants.

Part of that advice will likely have been that the trademarks had not been registered by any other entity. They may have advised against doing anything with that knowledge (but I cannot be certain of course).

Their client has then instructed them to register them. BM have done as instructed. I fail to see how that is unethical. Is the suggestion that BM should risk a negligence claim for failing to give proper advice or for not acting as per their instructions?

Or are we saying that firms should say 'no thanks' to anyone who isn't whiter than white, morally? Suffice to say, I would be happy to receive all of those rejected instructions and be paid for acting in line with a client's wishes however much I may disagree with their stance.

I should add that I have no involvement with any party involved.

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