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Show me the law that says 'a man' has to stand under legislation, and show me the legislation that 'a man' outside of the 'PRIVATE' BAR 'regulations' apply to anyone outside of that 'Private cartel'. The practice of law cannot be licensed, the practice of law is a common right! Unless of course you're admitting by default to running a private cartel in public court rooms? I also refer you to Bleak House - Dickens! and The Law of Nations - Emer de Vattel, that 'All law of treaty (including the specific laws applicable to foreigners apply), and that no judge can overrule! If it's not lawful then it certainly isn't legal! The LIP's that are continually getting wilfully by the courts due to the fraudulent method of administrative procedure as in fact illegal! Halsbury's laws of England - There are no administrative courts in this country and no act can be passed to legitimise them! I further suggest you so called 'ex-spurts get swatting and stop undermining 'The law' of this country (Blackstone's Commentaries) with your colour of law legislations, utilising fraudulent conveyance of equivocal language through legal sophistry procedure in order to obtain modification of contract fraud and unjust enrichment to the detriment of your clients!

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