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Silly as this may sound, but suggesting that female solicitors (or aspiring/trainee solicitors) will not work for Slaughters because of this gender pay gap nonsense is, well, nonsense. Any solicitor good enough to work there will have the common sense to know that people are paid differently for different roles.

What actually is the point of it all, this whole exercise? If Slaughters had come out and said 'including equity partners, the gap is 96%', they would have been harangued for the disparity. Instead, they are being harangued because they haven't compared equity partners, i.e. OWNERS OF THE BUSINESS, with secretaries.

If the idea is to shame companies into making pay equal for the same role, then I hope it works and equality is achieved. Instead of messing around with figures comparing incomparable jobs, why not examine the reasons behind females more often being secretaries than equity partners at this particular firm? Address the reasons why there are more white male equity partners and why the system works more in their favour.

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