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Now let's make them enforceable.

Interim third party debt orders considered and if granted issued from the local court on the day of application (as they used to be in the High Court) so that if you know the debtor is in work but you don't know where you can get in at the beginning of the month: that would be a start.

A central register of judgment debts over a certain sum, accessible online, which commercial concerns are required to consult before paying large debts, with a view to the judgment being paid direct - it could be done.

Bankruptcy or a charging order should sever a joint tenancy so that if the debtor dies survivorship does not operate.

A bankrupt's pension pot should be lost to the debtor. A system should be possible whereby the trustee returns enough to HMG to meet the actuarial cost of the debtor being on benefits after retirement; and the rest should go to the creditors.

I don't want to bring back imprisonment for debt - in fact I think it should be abolished where it still exists such as in child maintenance - but I want to make the position of the debtor in default a great deal harder than it is now, to the benefit of creditors,

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