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Michael thank you very much for your comment. I don't really pretend to understand algorithms and I'm sure you know a lot more about them than I do. But when you say "learn from experience" what do you really mean? Aren't we still talking about original human input, and it's that input that's become increasingly subtle. Don't you really need both a conscious and an unconscious mind to learn something? Isn't that the preserve of conscious, sentient beings? And language with all its subtlety is truly learned by human beings over years through speaking it, reading it and writing it. How can a non-living organism such a computer hope to translate properly from one tongue to another? All attempts I've seen so far from Google (those Masters of the Universe) are truly laughable. My partner is a translator as I am now an indexer, another craft that the ignorant think a computer can do. I find it terribly depressing that a senior member of the judiciary should be taken in by this guff, and it appears everybody else here agrees with me. Have we lost all respect for our own silver tongues?

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