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Come on now everyone, let's be fair - if drug-addicted parents actually overcome their issues, keep their families together and save the public at large millions, instead of popping out kid after kid that the Local Authority have to pay an application fee on for care orders, how else are HMCTS going to make their money if not through charity?

Absolutely ludicrous state of affairs. I can just see it now:

HHJ: "Well, Mr and Mrs Smith, I see you've been attending all of your drug-counselling sessions and are reported to be doing very well, and you've returned 10 negative drug tests over a 10-month period. And I must say, you're looking so much better than you did when I first saw you a year ago - well done to you!"

"Unfortunately, your solicitors haven't paid their 'annual contribution' this year, so I'm afraid I have no choice but to find that you present a significant risk to your children, who will be placed in long-term foster care. See you next year!"

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