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I think everyone is missing the point here.

The money is for the funding of the central unit, not the individual courts.

The central unit provides all of the training, guidance, research etc, so that the individual courts can be well run and improved, and therefore make a significant difference to families' lives.

This unit will shut in September if no-one steps in. The individual judges involved in FDAC have said that if the central unit closes, the FDAC courts are likely to struggle and ultimately may also close. Linked to FDAC, the fantastic PAUSE programme has said if the FDACs close, they cannot operate properly. There is a possibility of a domino effect of vital services closing.

So I guess we could just all sit back, watch it close and lament the loss of an ACTUAL, PROVEN success story for our justice system, or we can step up where the government has failed (and loudly acknowledge that the government has failed) and do something positive if we can afford to.

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