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Dear Mark Beer,

As someone who works in court every day, your article stings as it's incredibly inaccurate and out of touch.

"They revel in bureaucracy and the significant budgets that can be secured by overstaffing the courts service."

When was the last time you peeked behind the proverbial curtain of a Magistrates Court? It can't have been recently because you'd be all too aware how very little budget there is, for in fact anything including simple tasks like getting doors repaired. You'd also be aware that most departments, if not all, are significantly over stretched and under staffed yet still manage to keep the Magistrates courts ticking over on minimal staff and the lowest paid qualified lawyers.

This on top of the recent most radical proposition from Government who in the last fortnight proposed staff nationally across England and Wales should work longer for less money, a reduction in all 'benefits' like overtime pay, sick pay and numerous other terms and conditions.

Perhaps your sensitivity chip is indeed missing, maybe it isn't, however may I recommend you fully research Magistrates Courts or in fact step inside one, before you again suggest we are revelling in large budgets and over staffing. Poor timing, poor timing indeed.

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