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" Vulnerable witnesses will be able to give pre-recorded evidence, which will also be tested for victims of sexual and modern slavery offences. The government will also review guidance on reporting restrictions."

How will vulnerable witnesses be identified? What input will the defence have into the process? The mere labelling of a witness as "vulnerable" is prejudicial and the defendant must be given a shout.

How will these "vulnerable witnesses" be cross-examined? By live video-link if you like if (a) it works - when it does not, the defendant must come into court - and (b) the defendant is in court and can see the screen.

"Guidance on reporting restrictions". What "guidance"? Those restrictions are either imposed by statute or can, by statute, be imposed if necessary by the court. Without "guidance" from the executive, please.

Elsehwere it is reported that the Lord Chancellor has directed that all new and refurbished courts shall have separate entrances for "victims" (a.k.a. complainants) and "crime suspects" (the people whom we usually call defendants and are presumed innocent). Somebody please tell him that (1) Serco or whoever will not for long staff both entrances and (2) they will mix outside court while they are waiting and want a smoke.

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