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Members of the public do need more information about unscrupulous lawyers. There are good and bad professionals in all walks and all at levels - one could also argue that being registered and insured is not a mark of an honest or trustworthy professional.

Thankfully we can trust the Gazette to present a balanced view on this subject as can been seen from the 'other news' items on this link.

"Judge reprimanded for third time over delayed rulings."

"Dishonest solicitor 'manipulated and groomed' vulnerable client."

"Lord chancellor seeks £22m from Blavo & Co director."

I'm guessing but pointing out the disgraceful conduct of an unregulated McKenzie Friend charging £2.99 for a free form - compared to recovering £22,732,521.38p from a sole director of a legal aid firm shut down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, is just a little bit of kettle calling pot?

Nevertheless, there are professional McKenzie Friends with Law Degrees, fully insured and absolutely following the Practice Direction set by the President of the Family Law Division in 2010.

There are also at least two self regulating McKenzie Friend bodies with a code of conduct and with McKenzie Friends quite happy to the follow the suggestions put forward by HM Judiciary.

The vast majority of McKenzie Friends work exceptionally hard, assist litigants in person to a very high standard and provide an invaluable service to the courts.

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