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The root cause for this pitiful state of affairs is broken family law and the unavailability of fit-for-purpose legally aided representation in the first place.

Those Legal Aid Losers (not all, as many family lawyers do a wonderful job) who blatantly disregard parental instructions and cross over to bat for the LA & GAL at court who in turn themselves often rely on false, misleading and inaccurate reports which rule out birth parents as fit to care to justify forcible child removal are a Draconian stain on the profession.

It is THEY who fuel resort to McKenzie Friends as well as clutching at straws - in desperation to keep the birth family together.

Any Judge who rubber-stamps one-sided so-called evidence without evaluating all the evidence and options properly and fairly must be Appealled.

Abolish the policy of child commodification for-profit by the corporate parent and you end undue influence.

Outlawing serving judges from being stakeholders in for-profit fostering and adoption companies will go further in eliminating conflicts of interest.

In this age of austerity and swingeing cuts, adoption & foster care placements are an expensive community resource - much like hospital beds - to be allocated strictly according to objective clinical need so focus on real child protection and safeguarding work only where there is REAL & CREDIBLE RISK not exagerrated/surmised opinion risk of harm from so-called professionals who know which side their bread is buttered (ie, often to meet LA targets for corporate profit).

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