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I run a support group that assists fathers at court who have to deal with the wonderful Child Support Agency, Child Maintenance Enforcement Commission, Child Maintenance Services or what ever other name they like to operate under.
Now they have what they call Court Presenting Officers who are employees not of the CSA but of the Job Centre Plus, and they come into court to represent the CSA and have rights of audience according to the Child Support Act 1991 given to hem by the Secretary of State.
These Court Presenting Officers are not legally qualified, they are not regulated by the SAR, nor do they carry insurance for negligence, yet they can come in and have rights of audience as if they are legally qualified, yet do not fully understand the law.
To top it off the Court Presenting Officers are used as legal representatives with the use of tax payers funds to give free legal aid to the mothers without even having to fill in an application form to see if the mother is actually entitled to legal aid.
If it's good enough for non legal qualified men and women to com and represent Government bodies, then it's good enough for us laymen to come in and assist,.
Remember the basic rule of law, we are all equal under the law

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