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Well I can say thus, nobody has ever gone to prison on my watch, however I've lost count the amount of cases I've been asked to come in and rescue people who were facing a custodial sentence based on the actions of the duty solicitor they foolishly accepted to use to save their backside.
At the sentencing I saved his bacon without any paperwork I might add, and after pointing out a simple basic legal flaw that the duty solicitor missed out, like a basic equality of arms at law principle, yes that's right, a simple basic fundamental equality of arms at law to which the Magistrates had to agree to a retrial. Even at the retrial the CPS couldn't get any thing right and the man I was there assisting walked out of that court that day.
So back to the original argument, if a non legally qualified employee of say a council, or the Department of Works and Pensions can stand and act as a solicitor, against the Solicitors Act, the Legal Services Act I might add, then so can we

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